Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kristy Lee Jewelry everywhere !

Hello, I know it has been a long time, but here I am, busy busy, clearing out my jewelry studio so I can bring out my new pieces. I have listings on E-Bay (just look up Kristy Lee Jewelry), Etsy (kristyleejewelry) and new additions to my website (http://kristyleejewelry.com). Come take a look.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Kristy Lee Jewelry

Hi- I am still here.

I have been so busy with the animal shelter, etc... that I have not been online much.

I am still taking orders and making jewelry. I have pieces that that need to be listed on my website.....I promise they will be on there soon. I have listed several "Girlfriends" necklaces to my Holiday/Theme Jewelry page.

Have a great day !

Kristy Lee

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Arts & Crafts Festival 2009

Happy Spring!

Come to the Hardy Spring Arts & Crafts Festival, April 18th & 19th.
There will be lots of craft exhibitors, live music and food, along with fabulous antique shopping downtown.


Donations - THANK YOU from KristyLeeJewelry!

I just want to thank a few kind and generous people who have recently donated cash or supplies to the SRAS (Spring River Animal Services).

Thank You Geri from JC. Your donation helped to buy the dogs new water buckets.

Thank You UNIFORM CENTER for donating the wonderful old park bench (which I restored, painted and stenciled).

Thank You Jerry and Barbara, and Hazel, for donating the money for new cat cages.

Thank You Jerry and Barbara for building them. The cats look (and I am sure 'feel') like they are living in luxury condos now.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Kristy Lee, Julia Bristow Necklace

Last month we went to Las Vegas! I brought many different pieces from my own K.L. jewelry collection, to wear on our nights out. The first night I was trying to decide which of my pieces to wear.....What do I end up wearing?...a beautiful pendant necklace that my sister Julia had made and lent to my mom. (I really wanted to wear my own jewelry, but hers matched and looked the best).
I wore one of my bib necklaces to an Elton John concert the following night. (Very good show!)
If you would like to check Julia's jewelry out, go to JuliaBristowJewelry.com
I am finally making some Spring jewelry pieces for an upcoming show. I will try to list some of them on my website soon.
P.S. Julia ended up giving me the necklace....Yay!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thank you from Kristy Lee, SRAS and Daisy.

On behalf of Daisy, SRAS (Spring River Animal Services) and I, we would like to thank the very kind hearted person who donated funds to the shelter, to cover Daisy's surgery. That was such a great suprise.

The vet said that her tumor was cancerous, but since recovering from her surgery, she seems to be as energetic and happy as I have ever seen her.
This photo was taken of Daisy, during our recent ice storm. We lost power for 4 nights and it was COLD. She wanted to be covered up every time she sat back down (very cute).
As for my jewelry making, I seem to be taking a long sabbatical. The animal shelter has taken over my time, but I am always able to make custom orders.
Thanks again for your generous donation to the animal shelter and Daisy's surgery!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I have added several new pieces to my website today....a Christmas 'Girlfriends' necklace, festive Christmas bracelet, "Red Hat Society" color earrings, beaded cluster earrings, eyeglass holders..... You can view these on the NEWLY ADDED page. There are new items listed in the HOLIDAY/THEME, EARRINGS and RINGS/THINGS categories.
I will be adding more throughout the afternoon.
Have a great day.

I donate 20% of all sales towards supplies for the Spring River Animal Services (shelter).